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Guido Braam is known as a speaker who can convey his personal enthusiasm and conviction with humor and very practical examples to the public. He likes to improvise and can appeal to his broad experience in the circular economy and his years of experience as an entrepreneur. His story is about the big trends that have to do with the circular economy as well as the daily opportunities and obstacles when you as an entrepreneur want to work with the circular economy.


During his career, Guido initiated and ran a number of impact-driven companies, which he currently co-owns in his company Powered by Meaning. From 2009 till 2012 he was a director at Kirkman Company, in 2013 he decided to focus on the transition towards a circular economy and became CEO of Circle Economy, a social enterprise. Circle Economy accelerates the transition to circularity through on the ground, action-focused, development of practical and scalable solutions. At Circle, Guido initiated the campaign 'Netherlands Circular Hotspot'. With this campaign, the Netherlands was positioned as a circular hotspot during the 2016 EU presidency of the Netherlands. This campaign resulted in a foundation Holland Circular Hotspot (HCH) to stimulate international collaboration on a permanent basis. Guido is currently member of the supervisory board of HCH. After three years, Guido started on a new endeavor with his company C-creators; bringing the circular economy into real practice in the Amsterdam area and beyond. The main goal in the next years is to scale up the circular demand in the construction sector. As an investor he wants to invest in companies willing to transform from a linear business model to a circular one. 


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  • Business News Radio GreenQuest
  •  #100 in sustainable top 100 2017
  • nominated sustainable top 100 2018
  • Finalist circular leadership award (WEF, Davos) 



  • Route Circulair, English & Dutch edition
  • Contributed to: Werken on the Weconomy,  Duurzaamheid coöperatief organiseren.


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